Experts in software

It was our commitment and passion for development that led us to starting Qodes.

We are passionate wholeheartedly for personal development, software development, and for the development of our customers’ businesses and products. Today we work with leading companies in various industries to help them continually become even more successful.

The next generation approach of professional consulting

Qodes is part of QGroup.

QGroup is a rapidly growing group of highly specialised IT consultancy companies. Using extensive internal and external career developing tools we build the professional reputation and the professional development for consultants with ambition. Through this we can deliver excellence in the form of specialised IT services to our clients.

QGroup is an IT-company group, founded in 2012, focusing on specialist consulting.
Our aim is to provide the highest service level and attract the superstars of IT.

Several global, specialist companies within the QGroup

Malmoe – Stockholm – Gothenburg – Linkoeping – Norrkoeping – Amsterdam – San Francisco – London – Frankfurt – Paris

The awesome team

Alarik Hammar
Henrik Pihl
Senior Consultant
Erik Lundblad
Senior Consultant
Marcus Sjödin
Marcus Sjödin
Senior Consultant
Daniel Wijk
Senior Consultant
John McNally
Senior Consultant
Tobias Müller Nerg
Senior Consultant
Niclas Gustafsson
Senior Consultant
Gunnar Johansson
Gunnar Johansson
Senior Consultant
Fredrik Olofsson
Senior Consultant

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