It was our commitment and passion for development that led us to start Qodes.

We are a company with a big heart and a great desire to drive the embedded and test development forward.

We are there for you as a consultant, meaning we put your interests and personal development always firsthand.

About Us

We are a skilled company for you who are ready to take the next step in embedded and test development – our consultants are well-reputed within their fields. Rebecka & Alarik work closely with the team, existing as support functions. With Qodes´ deep experience in the industry and the profession, we have created processes that can be adapted after the unique candidate. Therefore, the candidate and employee are always in focus


Consulting the Qodes way

We started Qodes with the ambition to create a smaller and sharp company with really skilled coworkers, focusing on their personal development. We wanted to focus on the co-workers desire to develop their skills, the ability to select the right assignment and customers. And finally, to change assignment when the co-worker wants to.

At Qodes, we start with the co-worker. What is your skill-set? Where do you want to go from here (what customers, assignments, areas etc). We develop a thorough profile, we conduct interview training sessions, combined with a unique personal pitch. Then we target the market, with the aim to land two-three interviews so the co-worker can choose between assignments. Consulting the Qodes´way.

High quality, professionalism and openess are key words in our work towards our customers, in our consultants’ approach and towards each other!


Qoast by Qodes is Qodes new business area. Qoast by Qodes takes the best from Qodes – focus, passion and expertise – and brings this together with Java, Kotlin and Go. Why? Because we know that skilled people attract skilled people and the demand within this area is great. Also, this competence area is closely connected to Qodes’ core in embedded & test development, co-workers and customers. That’s why.

The right assignment for you

When starting at Qodes, we would like to give you several assignment options, always being transparent about possibilities, customers, partners etc. We love and cherish partnerships at Qodes. Therefore we have several partnerships. Our partners are specialists at their thing, as we are on ours. We can focus on our coworkers and their development, and they can, for example, focus on their framework agreements with their customers.



Shaping the new way of consulting

We don’t put people in companies — we build companies around people. QGroup seeks out consultants from the very top of their respective fields and provides the groundwork for them to join forces.


Working at Qodes…

…means that you will get a consulting assignment that you want and choose to have. We want to provide secure employment that meets your expectations, should your life situation change, we handle that smoothly together.

Examples of what we do

C++ Development

The customer develops and manufactures smart EV charging stations for a global market. Our co-worker joined as a C++ developer in a client’s team developing firmware for an electric vehicle charging station. He has been working on virtually every component of the system including microcontroller firmware, Linux kernel drivers, operating system configuration and user space applications.


The customer develops and manufactures cars. Our co-worker focuses on testing the software that a team, responsible for developing platform apps, develops. He performs  manual testing and automation of tests. Testing is done as unit, HIL, boxcar & complete vehicle testing and in CI. Our co-worker works in close collaboration with other competences and contribute to each other within the areas of software-, system- and hardware engineering.

C++ Development

The customer creates aviation systems and services to enable safe, predictable and efficient operations. Our co-worker joined as a C++ developer, developing the systems and features, working according to agile methodology in a dedicated team. The developers are responsible for their code, testing before deploying it.

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Contact us

Alarik, CEO
Alarik Hammar

Rebecka, Co-pilot
Rebecka Holmström

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